outside resources

You might have more questions, or just want to explore the resources out there on your own time.  We've collected some websites that have great information you can explore.

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The School Improvement Network is a great place to find ways to become more effective as a teacher. Check out their Teaching Strategy of the Week video library, it touches upon a wide range of subjects from classroom management techniques to the importance of technology in the classroom.

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The Teaching Channel is a phenomenal resource because you can filter the video library by topics, grades, and subjects based upon what you are looking for. Most of the videos are short, concise and very informative. We’ve found filtering first by grade level then topic pulls in the most relevant videos.


The Harriet Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning from Brown University offers a wide range of educational information ranging from course design, to effective classroom practices, to curriculum mapping. 


We are so excited to share with you the Growth Mindset Toolkit for Mentors, an exceptionally rich website that will help you increase your mentoring skills.  Please be sure to check this out!


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