Welcome to the Citizen Schools New York CT Clearance Website

So, you want to be a Citizen Teacher? That’s GREAT news; we can’t wait to have you on board with Citizen Schools New York for the Fall semester! Please see the resources below to guide you through the clearance process, which you must complete in full before being allowed to start teaching.

FIRST: Make sure you’ve filled out the CT application. Doing this reserves and guarantees your spot with us for this semester.

Once you’ve completed the application, you’ll need to get started on the following elements for Department of Health Clearance:

DOH Fingerprinting Schedule fingerprinting - results will be mailed to us automatically. Make sure to take the form of ID that you selected when making your appointment when you go to get fingerprinted. Today! Takes 2 weeks to process
Medical Clearance
Physical and TB test
Schedule medical appointment with your doctor.
  • Results of your TB test and physical must be completed and submitted on this form, no exceptions.
  • Results must be handed to a Citizen Schools staff member in person prior to your first class.
  • Today! This can take serveral days to receive results
    Background Check
    Make sure to submit your resume and references!
    Use this link to complete the digital background check.

    Note: There is a section where you’ll need to include the name and date of birth of anyone who currently resides with you.

    Note: The form will ask for the last 28 years (or since birth) of your addresses. You will need to provide the approximate month and years for each residence and each move. It may be helpful to pull up Google Maps to take a stroll down memory lane to try to find the older addresses.
    Depending on how many moves you’ve had over the last 28 years (or since birth), give yourself 2 weeks to complete the address history.

    September 9th, 2019
    Foundations in Health and Safety Training(online) Complete this training and make sure to print out the certificate of completion that you’ll get at the end. Use these directions to help you choose the correct training.
    September 9th, 2019
    Sign Criminal Conviction Statement Last but not least, we need your name, a few check marks, and a date on this form. This must be completed in person. A Citizen Schools staff member will find you at a training! It’s here for you to review in advance if you’d prefer. At Intro to Apprenticeship Training

    If you have any questions along the way, send an email to Chernor Sesay.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: I have already been fingerprinted by the Department of Education. Do I still need to do fingerprinting for Citizen Schools?

    A: Yes. The fingerprinting that we are required to have on file satisfies Department of Health regulations, which is totally separate from the Department of Education’s records. Good news though - fingerprinting for Citizen Schools is free and only takes about 20 minutes start to finish once you get to your appointment.

    Q: I sometimes get positive test results for tuberculosis, even though I don’t have TB. Do I still need to be tested?

    A: Yes. Every volunteer must have a current (completed within the last 1 year) physical and TB test result on file with Citizen Schools in order to be allowed on campus. A chest x-ray can be done by your doctor to certify that you test negative for TB. Alert your Citizen Schools contact Chernor if you need help finding or paying for this service. Please remember that we are a small non-profit with limited resources, but also know that we don’t want cost to be prohibitive to completing clearance!

    Q: You need my last 28 years of addresses...seriously? For what?

    A: Yes - seriously. In order to be in compliance for our license, we need to collect these address and run them through a “Statewide Central Register” database, which will indicate whether or not you or someone in your household has been involved with the abuse or neglect of children. We know this is tricky - all Citizen Schools employees need to complete this as well, so we know the struggle is real. Feeling fuzzy on the details? We get it; try using Google Maps to help you get as close as possible to the right address, and call relatives to help clear up the timeline if necessary.

    Q: What are you going to do with my Social Security Number? How do I know it will be safe?

    A: That’s a good question, please know that we take protecting your information very seriously. In order to be in compliance for our license, we need to run your SSN through another state database through the Department of Justice, the Staff Exclusion List, which will make sure that you have not been involved in the abuse or neglect of vulnerable individuals, such as those with disabilities or the elderly. Once we have run your SSN through the database, we save the results on our internal secure server. The paper copy of the form will be retained by Citizen Schools for legal and licensing purposes, and will be locked in our office at all times.

    Q: Where can I find all these forms?

    A: For your conveniece, we have compiled all of the forms needed here:
    OCFS-6001 Household Member Information
    OCFS-6002 Qualifications
    OCFS-6003 References
    OCFS-6004 Medical Statement
    OCFS-6005 Criminal Conviction Statement
    LDSS-3370 Statewide Central Register Database Check Form
    OCFS-4930 Request for NYS Fingerprinting Services- Staff with Fingerprint Images on File with OCFS May Be Eligible For A Waiver.
    OCFS-6022 Staff Exclusion List Check